Smart Digi Notebook
Smart Digi Notebook
Smart Digi Notebook
Smart Digi Notebook
Smart Digi Notebook
Smart Digi Notebook
Smart Digi Notebook
Smart Digi Notebook

Smart Digi Notebook

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The Smart Notebook That Keeps up with Your Digital Life.

Imagine the touch and feel of organic paper but with the added functionality of endless reusability and automatic upload of written notes into cloud storage. Write notes and sketches like you do with paper but get digital copies automatically. If that is not cool, what is?

  • Classic writing experience - half of the pages are lined & the other half are in a dotted grid pattern making it perfect for text notes, sketches and diagrams
    • Reusable - use any Pilot Frixion line pen & your writing sticks to pages like regular paper. Add a drop of water and the notebook erases like magic.
      • Cloud Storage - before your notes go off the page, they go online in a well-organized manner. You can retrieve a copy in both PDF and JPG formats.
        • Perfect for Everyone - for business, using it on the campus, at home or in the office
          • Eco-friendly - no more cutting of trees & wasting paper


            Eco-friendly Use: 1 Digi Notebook is equal to 500 Notebooks

            Each page can be reused more than 500 times. Saving you 499 notebooks and lessening the number of trees to be cut to create them. Now that's a truly eco-friendly notebook.

            Erasures can be done in various ways. You can use the blunt side of your pen, a damp tissue or a hair dryer.  This smart innovation will revolutionize how you take notes and create sketches. 

            Connect Digi Notebook to your Cloud Services

            Capture your handwritten notes using the "Camscanner" app from your phone and then to store them on your Google Docs, Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, OneDrive, Yan Disk and so on. This guarantees that your notes won't get lost and are easily accessible when you need them. 

            Easy Collaboration, Organization and Note Sharing

            Boost your productivity by sharing notes. With a proprietary filling system, organizing your work and sharing it with friends or colleagues is as simple as checking a box on the page.

            Type: Digital Graphic Tablets
            Tablet dimension: A5 is 21 cm x 14.8 cm | B5 is 25 cm x 17.6 cm
            Material: stone paper
            Pressure Levels: handwriting

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